Cool MLK Videos and Countdowns for Black History Month-I Have a Dream Speech Videos

“I Have a Dream”…MLK videos


Video: Run Time: 1:00 Minute

MLK -Faith is Taking the First Step   A great set-up to events dealing with social justice, right and wrong and having the courage to speak up for others.  There are three variations of this video with countdown counter text for events where they play countdowns before the program to encourage people to get in and get seated.  The subject of the video is chosen to encourage people to begin to think  about the topic. My favorite, and the most popular of these MLK Countdowns from last year, uses blues music before the actual  video starts. (Countdown #17)    The other countdown versions are one with a rock intro and a shorter 4 minute one without music in the intro. 

Faith is Taking the First Step Video and Countdowns
Run Time: 5:00 Minutes
The Countdown Videos are 5 minutes long and have numbered counters counting down to your program’s beginning. Three different countdown videos with distinct music styles are available to suit various tastes. There is one with no music in the introduction with a black screen leading up to the video. 5 minutes total.
MLK Countdown #17 Faith Step Blues Intro.  The most popular countdown on MLK. A powerful sermon illustration and countdown in one 5 minute video.  The illustration is preceded by colorful abstract backgrounds set to cool blues music with a white counter.  The sermon illustration portrays the words of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., in an artistically tasteful and refreshing countdown.



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