Spicing up Your Easter Service




Five Minute Countdown with Large Grunge Gothic Numeral and Rock Music

Five Minute Countdown with Large Grunge Gothic Numerals and Rock Music

Watch the Gothic Grunge Cross Videos

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Years ago I studied art in college with a concentration in painting.  Being a commuting student for much of the time it was always frustrating having to lug my canvases and materials and books for what seemed like a mile up out of the parking lot that had been built in the bottom of a former quarry to my classes. Then after class I would lug them back to the car and commute an hour home on the Garden State Parkway.  When I would finally get home at 9 or 10pm my mother would forbid me to set up the easel and canvases anywhere but in a small spot in the laundry room in the basement.  After I got married my husband complained whenever I would get out the oils and turpentine.   Well things have changed,  now I’ve grown up, and so has technology.  I’ve  just digitally completed a series of  what I think are visually gorgeous video backgrounds of what look like inky watercolors in motion.  I only wish that when I was in art school we could have done it on a computer!  How about a laptop for that commute!  Wow!  

These latest videos are sumptous rich backgrounds and 5 and 10 minute countdowns and clips with dramatic ominous swirling clouds and shooting stars behind the silhouette of 3 crosses set to powerful contemporary music. One has the words: “He is Risen!” and one says “It is Finished!”  Others have no text at all.

Churches use these countdowns as a warm-up to their services with space for a church logo or name.  They can turn down the volume and use them for lyrics, a welcome, or announcements with their own live music or recorded music.  Pastors can choose large Gothic Grunge Numbers or Smaller Numbers depending on what they want to add and how much space they need.  I love the music. Pastors and church staff can download them from Sermonspice.  These should make dramatic backgrounds for a Good Friday or Easter Service Cantada.  Don’t worry pastors, you don’t have to carry any canvases or paint in the laundry room!   (That is…unless you really want to!)




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