Vets Share Stories for Veterans Day-Video

Remember the Sacrifice-Full Version  Having been shot down, captured,  and escaping German prison camps three times, Chuck  shares how God protected him in World War II against some pretty steep odds!  This ball turret gunner was left for dead after his plane was bombed by friendly fire. Amazingly, he later met up with a close friend he had figured for dead in a German prison camp and they planned the prison break.  This 85 year old veteran will steal your heart with his stories in the Short Film designed to celebrate patriotic holidays.  ”Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version”  highlights Chuck’s story.  The “Full Version” begins with Terry Klebes, a Vietnam Vet who shares about his friend who gave the ultimate sacrifice, voluntarily, and what goes through Terry’s mind on Veterans Day.  This is a Sermonspice Top 100 Video. Digital Echo provides Welcome Countdowns and Scripture Video Loops to coordinate with these Short Films. A version is available without the US flag intro, appropriate for use in any country.

  Comment from a viewer:
“I am a veteran. I appreciate your work and will use it. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you. “
-Ronald Bernardi


  Watch the video: Remember the Sacrifice-Short Version  Highlights only the WWII veteran. Appropriate for any day.  Run Time: 3:37 Link to coordinating videos: Patriotic and Freedom in Christ Countdowns and Video Loops with a selection of Music Styles.  Choose the style that’s right for your service!


To view  All Patriotic Countdowns and Extra-Long Scripture Loops Click Here 


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