Cool Contemporary Labor Day Scripture Welcome Video

Our Labor in Christ Countdown-Digital Echo Sermon Videos

Labor Day sermon video  Our Labor in Christ Countdown 10  uses pure scripture to get your people thinking about the rewards of staying in the race and and is powered by a hip 60’s rock backround.

Labor Day sermon video Our Labor in Christ Countdown 9  has a bit more reserved, yet very upbeat, positive and inspiring contemporary music background. 

In the spirit of Labor Day this Digital Echo Countdown gets your people thinking positively about their labor in Christ in the work of evangelism, soul building, and staying in the race. Scriptures on planting, reaping and building, work, labor, diligence and giving yourself fully to the work of the Lord.  Can be used in conjuction with sermons of giving and stewardship of time, work, and money. Great for Labor Day., and evangelism series, financial campaign or celebrations after these kinds of topics. Produced in two music styles to complement any worship or youth service. Countdown #9 has upbeat inspiring music and #1o has a hip rock tune.


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