Sermonspice Has a New Engine! Good? Bad?


Sermonspice has just revamped their website with under-the-hood new and improved searching and other capabilities.  The independent producers were off-line as far as being able to upload their videos for about a week.  What does this mean?  It means many of the links on this blog were broken.  But it also means you will have a much better customer experience once everything is running at full speed at the largest distributor of Sermon Videos in the world! 

The Digital Echo Video previews can be easily reached at where we have been able to re-link all our descriptions to the previews on the extensive main page and the Father’s Day page. The Spanish Page of this Blog has been re-linked.  We hope to re-link that entire site of over 113 videos and the 113 videos on this Blog soon!  The purpose of the Digital Echo Blog and our website is to have a way that you can search for our high quality sermon videos according to genre, holiday and language more easily.   Please give us your feedback on our videos with an email or post here on our Blog.  We always are interested in what you would like to see and what you think!  Thanks for visiting!  Check out “Dads According to Kids” it was a hilarious blockbuster last year! I didn’t anticipate the congregation’s enthusiastic laughter would be actually be stepping on the lines of the next character!  It moves very quickly and has a scriptural message for everyone!


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